Because of the amendment of the CITES Appendices,
We do not ship musical instrument that contains rosewood or bubinga for its material.

Please take a look at the following website for detail.

About Us 關於我們

Shimamura Music is the largest musical instruments retailer in Japan.

Business Hours 營業時間

Monday to Saturday, 10AM to 5PM (Japan Time)*Except for the holiday season.
周壹至周五,上午10 點至下午5 點(日本時間) *節假日除外

How to Place an Order如何訂購

Please fill out the following form. We will email you with the reply to your inquiry.

Inquiry Form 咨詢窗口



*We can accept the payment only through PayPal with the Japanese Yen.



We use EMS (Express Mail Service by Japan Post) for the delivery except for South America, Africa, and other specific area.
Please feel free to ask us about the detail on the delivery in the form above.

The shipping cost will be added to the price of the product.
Please take a look at the following website for the shipping cost for each region.

我們將使用EMS(日本郵政提供的特快專遞服務)發送您的商品。以下國家或地區我們將無法送 達:南美洲、非洲以及其他特定地區。


*Shipping Process發送流程

Your purchased product will be shipped after we receive your payment.
We will email you "Shipping Confirmation" and "EMS tracking number".
If the product were out of stock, we will let you know via email.
Please allow us some extra time in this case.

我們將會通過郵件形式通知您“運送確認”和“EMS 追蹤號碼”。

*Damages During Shipping關於在運送途中發生的損壞

If you found any damage from the shipping, please ask the carrier (local delivery company, post office, or EMS dealer) for the damage report.
The damage report must be transfered to EMS to apply for the damage insurance.
Your cooperation and understanding will be greatly appreciated.
Please take a look at the following website for the the claim amount.


*Restitution for damages損壞賠償

In case of damage or loss, the actual damage cost will be compensated.
Please take a look at the following website for the insurance program of EMS.

If you wish to upgrade the claim amount, please indicate the amount on the comment.
The additional charge will be added to the shipping cost.

請您訪問以下網址來獲取EMS 的損失賠償制度信息。


*Package Size包裹尺寸

EMS Size and Weight Limits
Maximim length: 1.5 meter
Length + Circumference: 3m or less
Maximum Weight: 30kg

The package that is bigger or heavier than above cannot be shipped.
Please note that the limit size may be smaller in some country.
Please check the condition in your country from the link below.

最大長度: 1.5 米
長度+周長: 不超過3 米
最大重量: 30 公斤


■Tax & Duty消費稅和關稅

There is no tax or duty on your purcase in Japan.
(All prices on our website include Japanese consumption tax, which will be deducted for the international transaction.)

However, you may be requierd to pay duty and tax when you receive the items.
Please contact your local custom office if you would like to know about it before receiving.

In case you would like to pick up the product at our store or wish to be delivered to a certain address in Japan, the Japanese consumption tax will be required.





The warranty for our products is valid only in Japan.


All of our electrical products are made for Japanese market and work with 100V.
In the countries with a different electrical power system, the voltage transformer will be required upon usage.

所有的產品都是面向日本市場而制造的,並且僅可在100 伏電壓下工作。

■Returns and Cancellation退貨和取消訂單

We accept returns and cancellation under the following circumstance.

Please do not discard packing, manuals, and all other items you received.
In case these items were lost or damaged, we might not be able to accept the return.



■About the brands which Shimamura Music is the authorized importing agent關於島村樂器的授權進口代理品牌

The items listed on the website below are available only in Japan and can not ship to overseas.
Shimamura Music is an authorized importing agent of Japan.